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The Cement Transition Initiative (CTI) is a coallition of research institutions and other stakeholders working on cement decarbonization. It operates as an open collaboration platform focused entirely on delivering its mission. It does not represent the interests of the cement industry, private or public institutions or any other party. The CTI has no budget, does not receive any funds, donations, grants or other financial support. It relies on the work contributed by its members. Funds to execute research projects are raised by CTI on a case-by-case basis from appropriate sources.


Prof. Marco Mazzotti

ETH Zurich

Dominik Wlodarczak

JURA Materials Aarau

Dr. Thomas Pohl

UMTEC Rapperswil

Marian Krüger

sus.lab, Zürich

Prof. Guillaume Habert

ETH Zurich

Prof. Rainer Bunge

UMTEC Rapperswil

Marcel Muri

KEEAS Zurich

Prof. Andre Heel

Ost, Rapperswil


Prof. Susanne Kytzia

Ost, Rapperswil

Prof. Simone Stuerwald

Ost, Rapperswil

Dr. Frank Winnefeld

EMPA Zurich

Johannes Tiefenthaler

Neustark, Zurich

Prof. Corentin Fivet

EPFL Lausanne/Fribourg

Ronny Meglin

pom+, Zurich

Prof. Daia Zwicky

HEIA Fribourg

Prof. Frédéric Vogel

PSI Villigen/FHNW Windisch

Dr. Petrissa Eckle

sus.lab, Zürich

Prof. Ingo Burgert

ETH, Zurich

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